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Enjoy the music, photos & write ups of the band. Feel free to contact Totally 80s for any further information.

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Totally 80s pride ourselves on delivering a vibrant and interactive experience. We are the next best thing to having the original artists at your event.

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Totally 80s

    We are Totally 80s, a throwback from yesteryear dedicated to delivering the ultimate 80s experience.

    The 80s was an era where music had substance and style. It was the dawning of the New Romantics, the explosion of synthesisers, electronic drum kits and gravity defying hair. The 80s was a generation that cared for the future and wanted an end to nuclear threats and starving nations.

    Totally 80s are a Melbourne based 80's tribute experience that stay true to the sounds and image of the 80s, using the exact instruments from the era to reproduce the songs as they were recorded.

    If you desire to be taken back to the days the where faces of Cyndi Lauper, Duran Duran or David Bowie plastered your walls, forget the DeLorean, Totally 80s is the band you're looking for to take you on a journey back to this magical time.

    If you enjoyed singing along to Countdown, Top of the Pops or the latest vinyl or cassette purchased from Brashs, you will love Totally 80s live performances. Audience participation is a must, so dust off your pastels, neon, Ra Ra skirts and Hypercolour T-shirts, and Totally 80s will have you recalling the dance moves you copied from video clips and perfected on the dance floors of Blue Light Discos.

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Where to catch

Totally 80s

    Sat 1-February-2020 - Lucky 13 Garage - Moorabbin

    Sat 8-February 2020 - Private event

    Sat 15-February-2020 - Sphinx Hotel - Geelong

    Sat 22-February-2020 - Elephant & Castle Hotel - Geelong

    Sat 29-February 2020 - Beaches - Mornington

    Sun 8-March-2020 - Private event

    Sat 14-March-2020 - Private event

    Fri 20-March-2020 - Lucky 13 Garage - Moorabbin

    Sat 21-March-2020 - Beaches - Mornington

    Sat 28-March-2020 - Elephant & Castle Hotel - Geelong

    Fri 3-April-2020 - Singles Events Melbourne & Royal Melbourne Hotel - Melboune CBD

    Sat 4-April-2020 - Cancer fundraiser - Please contact us for details and support

    Sat 11-April-2020 - Sphinx Hotel - Geelong

    Sat 18-April-2020 - Elephant & Castle Hotel - Geelong

    Sat 25-April-2020 - Private event

    Fri 8-May-2020 - Private event

    Sat 9-May-2√020 - Lucky 13 Garage - Moorabbin

    Sat 16-May-2020 - Elephant & Castle Hotel - Geelong

    Sat 30-May-2020 - Beaches - Mornington

    Sat 20-June-2020 - Elephant & Castle Hotel - Geelong

    Fri 3-July-2020 - Lucky 13 Garage - Moorabbin

    Sat 4-July 2020 - Beaches - Mornington

    Sat 18-July-2020 - Elephant & Castle Hotel - Geelong

    Sat 25-July-2020 - Sphinx Hotel - Geelong

    Sat 1-August-2020 - Beaches - Mornington

    Sat 22-August-2020 - Lucky 13 Garage - Moorabbin

    Sat 29-August-2020 - Elephant & Castle Hotel - Geelong

    Sat 12-September-2020 - Beaches - Mornington

    Sat 19-September-2020 - Elephant & Castle Hotel - Geelong

    Sat 26-September-2020 - Sphinx Hotel - Geelong

    Sat 10-October 2020 - Beaches - Mornington

    Fri 16-October-2020 - Lucky 13 Garage - Moorabbin

    Sat 17-October-2020 - Elephant & Castle Hotel - Geelong

    Sat 7-November-2020 - Sphinx Hotel - Geelong

    Sat 14-November 2020 - Beaches - Mornington

    Sat 21-November-2020 - Elephant & Castle Hotel - Geelong

    Sat 5-December 2020 - Beaches - Mornington

    Sat 12-Dcemeber-2020 - Lucky 13 Garage - Moorabbin

    Sat 19-Decemeber2020 - Elephant & Castle Hotel - Geelong

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The Band

  • Felix Rieniets

    Vocals and Keyboards

    Felix has always been musically inspired. At an early age Felix would give concerts to his teddy bears, pet cat and the many hamsters of the neighborhood.

    Not much has changed with the exception of Felix losing his baby teeth, taking singing lessons, now has more than 1 cat and has played to of tens of thousands of audience members over the years.

    Due to enhanced liquor laws the hamsters can no longer come to the gigs, as security refuse to believe that it's thier ID.

  • Favourite Music

    Should you ever be subjected to Felix's music collection, you'll discover vary quickly why auditioning for Totally 80s was a gig that he wanted to land.

  • Totally 80s is a small taste of what Felix is into, his prized posession is his autographed Nik Kershaw The Riddle album finally meeting Nik 28 years after seeing him in concert back in 1985. Felix's other favourite artists include, Howard Jones, Level 42, Kim Wilde, Simply Red (see photo), Cyndi Lauper, Duran Duran, Tears for Fears, The Thompson Tiwns, ultravox, Spandau Ballet........ and sooooo on.

    After saving all of his pocket money Felix now has an iPod that can instantly send him back to the 80s whenever he wants

  • Career

    As you can tell by the photos, Felix's hair style hasn't changed much since the 80s, but he cannot find the pictured black leather tie.

    Felix can oftern be found being kicked out of newsagency's due to his constant demands for the latest issue of 'Smash Hits' or 'Countdown' magazines, Felix refuses to believe that the 80s are over.

  • Felix started singing lessons at the age of 21, after leaving original band Crunch 26 and having done some pretty dodgy lead vocals in past bands LED's & Personal Image, Felix fronted the cover band Jellybean Addiction for 20 years.

  • After auditioning and securing the lead role of Pippin in the 1993 production of Pippin, Felix then pursued more live theatre experience landing a number of lead roles until Jellybean Addiction became too busy for any more theatre commitments.

  • Ian Ashley

    Bass Guitar and Vocals

    I first tried a Martini at the age of 16 and although bitter to the taste and not too fond of the olive, I could feel a sense of connection with the drink...... almost, a calling.

  • Now in my older years many drinks have passed on through me like light beer on a summers day, particularly in the 80's with The West Coast Cooler, Pina Colada, Alabama Slamma, and the B52, but none have triggered the same emotional attachment as the unmistakable combination of Gin, Vermouth, and an Olive.

  • Accompanied with a fine House of Windsor Palma edition Cigar life doesn't get any better.... And I quote the late great late 19th century early 20th century Writer and Poet "H. L." Mencken when he called the Martini

    "The only American invention as perfect as the sonnet".

  • I am also very fond of all types of music. Especially if it has a fat bass line.

  • Richard Farrugia


    Richard Farrugia began playing drums at the age of 13. Growing up in the 80's he became obsessed with Icehouse, and was inspired by their drummer, Paul Wheeler, whom he also idolized.

  • After school he would go home and practice. He also constantly played along to Icehouse tunes, to the point that they have now been embedded into his memory.

  • By the age of 19, Richard began playing professionally around Melbourne with cover bands such as The Mop Tops, The Mockingbirds and The Party Flyz. He has toured extensively interstate and overseas and has played support to major acts such as Mental As Anything, Marc Hunter of Dragon, Venetta Fields, Lisa Edwards, Normie Rowe and Russell Morris. He also played along side Billy Miller of the Ferrets when in The Mop Tops.

  • Richard also played in original bands including 12AM and Acoustic Dilemma.

  • As well as Icehouse, Richard loves all genres of music from the 80's. From Australian and American rock to British pop, there is no doubt he has the experience, the look, the style and the rhythm to keep the beat alive for Totally 80s.

  • Gus Gaiewski

    Guitar & Keyboards

    Gus is the founding member for Totally 80's. Gus started playing guitar at the age of 7 years and later progressed to keyboards, mainly studio programming and sequencing.

  • Career

    Gus played in original bands throughout the 80's as well as tribute band Peace Dog (The Cult Show) that toured Australia and New Zealand in the early 90's.

    Gus was also Studio Manager and Audio Engineer at the Hideout Recording Studio in Ormond, Victoria from 2002 to 2009.

  • My obsession

    Gus has been obsessed with Roland gear since the early 80's. Totally 80's are 99% powered by equipment from the era and is why the live performances of Totally 80s are true to the artists original recordings.

  • Totally 80s live production

    No MP3 backing tracks here!! Everything is manually sequenced and played!!! Just like in the 80's.


What Customers Say

  • I just wanted to let you know we are so grateful for how amazing you were at the wedding, everyone is just raving about you. Thank you for playing through I really appreciated it. Please let me know if I can leave a raving review about you guys. You made my wedding dream come true 😊 will be coming to watch you guys again soon.

    - Lydia de Raad

  • Hi Felix, Thankyou again to you and the band! Everyone can’t stop raving about you guys and it was the best party ever!!!

    - Vanessa Lai

  • Fntastic job again fella's. You put on a great show, should be proud of yourselves

    - Paul, Keith & team. Apollo Bay Hotel

  • Meow, meow, meow, purrrrrr!!!

    - Wilfred the weird looking cat

    Song Artist
    Ant music Adam Ant
    Take on me A-ha
    Look of love ABC
    Poison Arrow ABC
    Hot in the city Billy Idol
    White wedding Billy Idol
    Right on track Breakfast Club
    Living on the ceiling Blancmange
    Smalltown Boy Bronski Beat
    When will I be famous Bros
    Sunglasses at night Corey Hart
    Kama chameleon Culture Club
    I just died in your arms Cutting Crew
    Time after time Cydni Lauper
    Modern love David Bowie
    You spin me round Dead or Alive
    Just canÕt get enough Depeche Mode
    Whip it Devo
    Rain Dragon
    Planet earth Duran Duran
    Girls on film Duran Duran
    Hungry like the wolf Duran Duran
    I'm still standing Elton John
    Oliver's Army Elvis Costello
    Sweet dreams Eurythmics
    I Ran Flock of Seagulls
    Relax Frankie Goes To Hollywood
    Two tribes Frankie Goes To Hollywood
    Together in electric dreams Georgio Moroder
    The heat is on Glenn Frey
    We close our eyes Go West
    Maneater Hall and Oates
    Out of touch Hall and Oates
    Don't you want me Human League
    Electric blue Icehouse
    We can get together Icehouse
    Don't change INXS
    Never tear us apart INXS
    Original sin INXS
    Centrefold J Geils Band
    What is Love Howard Jones
    Too shy Kagagoogoo
    Chequered love Kim Wilde
    Kids in America Kim Wilde
    Dancing on the ceiling Lionel Richie
    NeverEnding story Limahl
    Working for the weekend Loverboy
    Break my stride Mathew Wilder
    Who can it be now Men at Work
    Safety dance Men Without Hats
    Maniac Michael Sembello
    Out of mind Models
    What about me Moving Pictures
    Bizarre love triangle New Order
    True faith New Order
    I won't let the sun go down on me Nik Kershaw
    The Riddle Nik Kershaw
    Wouldn't it be good Nik Kershaw
    West end girls Pet Shop Boys
    Some like it hot Power Station
    Lets go crazy Prince
    Funky town Pseudo Echo
    Listening Pseudo Echo
    Love my way Psychedelic Furs
    Radio GaGa Queen
    Ghostbusters Ray Parker Jnr
    Send me an angel Real Life
    Never gonna give you up Rick Astley
    Jessie's Girl Rick Springfield
    Young Turks Rod Stewart
    Tainted love Soft Cell
    Gold Spandau Ballet
    Everybody wants to rule the world Tears for Fears
    Head over heels Tears for Fears
    Video killed the radio star The Buggles
    Rock the Casbah The Clash
    In between days The Cure
    And we danced The Hooters
    Doctor Doctor! The Thompson Twins
    Hold me now The Thompson Twins
    Vienna Ultravox
    Everybody wants to work Uncanny X-Men
    Sugar free Wa Wa Nee
    Freedom Wham!
    I'm your man Wham!
    Wake me up before you go-go Wham!
    Don't go Yazoo

    Sound & Video......

    Chequered Love - 2019

    Sound & Video......

    Relax - 2019

    Sound & Video......

    Kids in America - 2019

    Everybody Wants to Rule the World - 2019

    Wouldn't it be Good - 2019

    Listening - 2019

    Let's go Crazy - 2019

    Never tear us apart - 2019

    Electric Blue - 2019

    Sound & Video......

    Don't you want me - 2019

    Sound & Video......

    I'm your man- 2019

Feel free to contact us via

Gus Gaiewski - 0409-965-950

Ian Ashley - 0417-313-093